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LankeCMS website system is using PHP + MYSQL technology and MVC pattern, structure clear, the code easier to maintain. Support the pseudo static function, can generate Google and baidu map, support custom url, keywords and description, accord with standard of SEO. With corporate websites commonly used modules (description module, news module, product module, download module, image module, online messages, online orders, links, site map, etc.), strong background management functions, flexible marketing for enterprises to create professional and has force standard web site. The website system function is introduced: Modules: 1. The single page can release enterprises of all kinds of information, such as the description, organization, enterprise honor, contact information, etc., and can freely add or delete. 2. News: modules can be issued corporate news and industry news, etc., to support the secondary column, column number is unlimited. 3. The product module: product support secondary classification, and can place orders directly to the product inquiry, and support email notification, conforms to the enterprise marketing. 4. Image module: in the form of picture album, photo albu...




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Customer Stories

Customer Stories
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